It's your time to hold that key and understand who you really are, why you came here and how can you create the life that feels aligned with you.


Spots are limited!

Hi my love,
Petia here....

When I discovered Human Design I felt like it's one more thing to "do", to learn and left it on the back burner.

Yet as I believe what's meant for us will always find its way to us no matter how much we resist.

Now two years later of investing in 1:1 mentorship of human design, online courses, countless books and countless solicited and unsolicited readings I have done....

I am opening this beautiful modality to YOU.

I believe that we all deserve to feel on purpose, not like there is something wrong with us.

And human design reading always creates the sense of WOW, this is ME, and feelings of being seen, heard and understood.

It's your turn to create your own sense of who you are, why you are here and what are you meant to contribute and receive from the world.

What others say...

Since you've been in my life I feel like a red carpet has rolled our in front of me making my life so much easier.
I am proud of myself for making the decision to invest in you as I knew you are an energetic alignment.
~ Britt R.

Talking to you was so uplifting. You are like a light, really picked me up and pointed me in the right direction again.
~ Dana K.

After one session you were able to empower me to be in flow, practice receiving & what that actually looked like.
Since then, I am now in the relationship of my dreams, have pivoted my business & 3x my income.
Being coached by you did so much for me!
~ Emm H.

I just got chills! You have such an impact on me and the world.
Everything you touch turns into light! We are all so blessed to have you and you following your gift.
~ Melissa D.


You deserve to be abundantly aligned with your purpose


Who you were design to BE

We are told by the world who we should be instead of learning to trust who we were designed to be.
Learn about your design and what's your place in the world.

How you see the world

It can be hard with all the conditioning to really know what you have learned about the world and what you truly believe.
Learn about your strengths and how you perceive the world.

How the world sees you

We can have an idea of what the world can see us as.
Yet very often we don't show who we really are as we are afraid to be judged or to not belong.
Learn how the world sees you.

What is your purpose

You were perfectly made for your purpose.
The way you look, speak, how you experience the world.
It is time to see and align with what your purpose really is.

Your strongest sense

Each of us has a sense that is dominant and that will be guiding us.
Learn what is your sense and how to use it to create even more abundant life.

How do you manifest

World isn't meant to be the same for all of us.
Some of us need a different strategies to manifest our desires.
Learn how can you manifest your desires with more ease.

How to be more productive

Some of us thrive on structures and having routines.
Some love flow and being spontaneous.
See what is your way and how to create more productivity in your life with ease.

How to align with your health

If we are not taking care of our health and ourselves first we won't be able to enjoy all the fruits of our creations.
Learn how to best take care of your health and body.

Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

I remember when I was feeling
lost and tired of life.
Deep in my heart I knew that
there must be more to life.
That I am meant for more.
Yet no matter how many paths
of others I have tried to follow
they all left me feeling empty and

It wasn't until I started to learn about me, my desires, my needs, my design and who I am meant to be in this world that it all started to make sense.
You too know you are meant for more in your life and to create the alignment and abundance in your life you get to open up new doors and step into them unapologetically.
And I am here to guide you there.

So... are you in?