I see you girl,  

You have big dreams. Visions of you doing all of the things!  

You may want to travel the world, serving others in a fulfilling way, start your own business or have the freedom to be YOU and feel unapologetic about it.  

But at the end of the day, It all seems too good to be true and you aren’t close to making it happen, and you don't even know if you ever will.  

You know why?  

Because you’re stuck in your own ‘Not Enough Story’ rut and are unaware of the blocks in front of you because we don’t know, what we don’t know.  

What if I told you that you could have everything you want without giving up even more of your time, being overwhelmed and never feeling enough for your dreams?

What would it be like to.... 

Wake up every day feeling fulfilled and on purpose?

Being surrounded with people who support you and your vision unconditionally? 

Bringing in the abundance to live a rich life?

I understand what you're going through

Saying yes to things that scream "No!" deep inside just so won't be judged by the people around you.

Being overwhelmed and frustrated because every time you think about taking "you" time you feel guilty, ashamed and like you're not doing enough.

 You are numbing with overspending, overtraining and emotionally eating, trying to fill the "hole" and feeling of emptiness inside of you.  

The feeling deep inside of you, knowing you're meant for more than your current reality

A Few More Questions for you.

Do you....?

  •  Compare yourself with others because you are feeling you are not far enough on your journey?  
  •  Feel like there must be more in life than what you've got  
  •  Going through pain and gut wrenching anxiety and frustration because no matter how much you do, nothing changes in your life?  
  • Overspending money on things you don't need so you can get the rush of feeling alive, beautiful, and in control?  
  • Feel overwhelmed with all of your commitments because you're scared to say no?  

If this is you, you're in the right place, at the right time and you're not alone 

I'm going to show you the secret sauce to create Abundance. Alignment. Clarity. Confidence. Fulfillment. 

"But you're probably thinking, easier said than done, Petia."  

Living a purpose filled life, being surrounded by people who want you rise, and getting rich by just being YOU while impacting others in a positive way sharing your gifts is absolutely possible.  

In fact, you get to have it all and feeling amazing about it! 

That's where the Rise and Thrive Masterclass comes in. Life-altering online masterclass that is designed to rewrite your thoughts about your worthiness, fulfillment and align you with your purpose.  

This is step by step system for shifting your mindset and vibration in how to be unapologetically you and rise above your limiting beliefs. 

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I'm Petia Kolibova, passionate coach who helps corporate women who have been pushed down and been playing it small due to toxic relationships or unhealed childhood trauma to create a life that is true to them and their soul purpose. My mission is to help women who are on the path to healing from past wounds move through their limiting beliefs and internal blocks so they can finally do what they want to do, what feels good to them, serve other women in a powerful way online. If I am not interviewing on her podcast Unapologetically Abundant, working out, or reading, you will find me in nature disconnecting from the world, connecting to herself.


The more intune we are with who we really are when we are not being everything for everyone the easier, richer and more fulfilling our lives become. After getting out of my corporate job, leaving behind toxic relationships, attracting the loving partner and soul mate clients while inspiring thousands of women around the world to dream bigger...

I KNOW what works when it comes to 

aligning with your purpose and building a life of thriving instead of surviving. Most importantly, I know the PRACTICAL steps and strategies to align with your dreams and manifest them in reality. 

Nothing makes me happier than watching women go from “Struggling Not Enough Mindset” and feeling so stuck, to an Abundance Creator and Fulfilled Goddess!

Rise and Thrive Masterclass, the details

This is a 6 weeks, self guided online masterclass with Live Coaching that will totally reprogam your not enough mindset into being unapologetically YOU, rising above limiting beliefs, aligning with your purpose.  

During this 6 weeks together, you will gain access to 6+ actionable and value-packed modules, 10+ downlodable worksheets and be part of the private Rise and Thrive Online Tribe surrounded by other women on the same path as you. You will learn both practical and mindset practices I've used to go from dredding my life living for others to living a purpose driven abundant living.  

The Rise and Thrive Masterclass will help you:  

Get Clarity about what are your core values and how to attract people who live by them too. 

Align with your purpose to feel each and every day is the best day ever. 

Rise above your limiting beliefs and rewrite your not enough story. 

Thrive and attract abundance you so deserve. Align the people, opportunities, and things that will support you in thriving instead of surviving. 


What's inside?  

Week 1: Creating your Values Week 2: Designing Alignment with your Purpose Week 3: Overcoming your Limiting Beliefs Week 4: How to Rise and Rewrite your Story Week 5: Learn how to be Unapologetically You with pride, not guilt Week 6: Calling in the Abundance 

BONUS FOR FIRST 10 People: Complimentary 1:1 30 minutes private session with me 

The Rise & Thrive Masterclass is NOW open for Enrolment! 

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Doors to enrollment opens on 10.10.209 

 You have the option to challenge yourself right now in this moment  

The idea of spending $397 to learn how to rise above your limiting beliefs and align with your purpose can feel terrifying, right?  

But here’s the thing…. this is the shift you need.  

If you don’t sign up, that’s continuing to feed your negative relationship with yourself and I can promise you won’t get you to where you want.


If you are on this page, you are wanting to align with your purpose, rise above your limiting beliefs and thrive in life, so why not sign up? To keep giving into your not enough story and living for others?

The definition of Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”  

In order to level up and move through your limiting beliefs… you have to first challenge yourself by doing something you haven’t done.  

And that includes investing in The Rise and Thrive Masterclass.  

Don’t skip past this, thinking you can “figure it out on your own” – because honestly, has that worked for you thus far?  

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